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If you think that crafting text based trademarks is easier than creating image based emblems, then you are wrong.

If you want your emblem to be successful, then follow the below mentioned dos and don'ts so that it does not end up making the same mistakes that others have.

1. Make sure that the text is legible:

For simple text logo designs, the central focus should be on the script that is used which is why it is important to use font styles that are easily understandable. If the customers are unable to understand the trademark in less than 15 seconds then they will never be able to memorize it.

2. Use small symbols or effects to make the brand mark interesting:

Text emblems tend to get a little boring which is why it is important to use symbols or effects to make the brand mark interesting. You can use small symbols to substitute some of the letters in the symbol for example if you are designing a monogram for a restaurant then you can use an image of a spoon or a fork for the letter I or a plate with noodles if it is a Chinese restaurant. That will make your trademark interesting and memorable. You can also use different type of effects in the business mark like the 3 dimensional effects if your business is related to technology or the origami effect if your trade is targeted towards kid. The main idea is to use small icons or images to make the brand mark unique and distinct through creativity.

3. Make sure that font type compliment the business nature:

If you are designing an emblem for a corporate company, then it must look professional and formal. Use font style accordingly. If you use scripted fonts in this case, then the monogram will look really out place. For a corporate company, you should use fonts that are thick and bold which will represent professionalism and proficiency. So, make sure that the font style that you choose should be complementary to the business nature.


1. Do not use big images with the text logo:

Every logo must have only one central focus. If there is more than one central focus in the picture, then the design becomes complicated and difficult to memorize. For that it is important to avoid using big images in the business mark. If you want, you can use small icons and images like mentioned above.

2. Do not use more than 2 different font styles or 3 different colors:

While creating a text logo, it is important to keep it sophisticated and simple which is why it is not advisable to use more than 3 different font styles as far as text is concerned and not more than 3 different colors as it will make the design complicated and tacky. Some great text logo examples of all time consist of simple fonts and minimal colors which make it interesting and memorable.

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