Auto Shop Logo

If you want to set your auto shop apart from the crowd then you must create an emblem that is different from others. Always remember, that your brand mark is your unique identity. How you design it represents how your company is which is why it is very important to use the right images, fonts and colors for your auto shop logo design. One of the first things you need to decide for your motor shop business mark is a central concept of the design. That generally involves the image that will be used in the emblem. There are many ideas which can be used for your emblem. For example, you can use an animal's attributes to represent your company like an image of a tiger to represent speed in service or a sprinting horse to represent strength and justice. Browse online and make a list of all the animals that you think are suitable to represent your brand. Besides animals, you can also use traffic signs for your trademark. For example, you can take inspiration from the stop sign and craft it to represent your company name. Similarly, you can also use abstracts in your central concept. For example you can script the company name and then create an abstract of horizontal lines to depict speed. Another rising trend that is seen in emblem concepts is the use of three dimensional images. Here, you can take an image of a simple object and craft it 3 dimensionally t make it more real and touchable. You can also use images crafted like origami or paper folding technique as that looks sophisticated and trendy. After you have decided upon the central image concept of your design, you can now move on to filing colors in the design. Here, if you are using bright colors for the trademark then make sure that you keep the background in light colors so that the focus of the logo remains the image. The same may not be applicable for all kinds of brand marks. For example if you were designing a gift shop logo then the best approach would be to use a lot of bright colors. Also, make sure that you do not use more than 3 colors in the entire brand mark and that all the colors complement each other. Many companies make the mistake of using many dark colors together which makes the image unappealing. Now that the image is ready, it's time to insert the company name. Place your shop name above or beside the image for maximum exposure. The fonts that you use can be bubbled and thick or straight but don't use type face that is scripted or curvy because if the customers are unable to read your business mark in the first glance then it will never be memorable.
Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo Auto Shop Logo