Sport Logos

A logo is a graphical symbol which aims to add a visual representation of a sports team. A sports team logo design plays an important role in giving a team an identity among fans and competitors. It can reflect the mood and determination of the team, its goal to win and the spirit of success. Sports logos should be energetic and be a powerful bridge to connect the team with its admirers.

There are some basic rules which can help to create a good sports logo design as a unique emblem.


If you look through popular logo designs you will notice that very often bright eye-catching colors are used like red, green, blue and orange. They reflect energy and action. White and black contrast can also make a strong effect on the audience. Often the colors of flags are used to give identity to the people and their patriotism.

A mistake would be to use the colors which were popular 20-30 years ago, like a fluorescent green that was widely popular in the 1990's. A logo should create a strong connection with the current generation of fans.

Correct Fonts

A sports logo design is a message which should be easy to remember and easy to grab the attention of the audience. Team fans will happily buy sports related products that contain a logo design of their favorite team. So, this logo should be easy to print on any surface. If a logo has words, like a team name, probably Times New Roman, Arial and Verdana fonts are the best variants for a graphical emblem creation.

Sports-Oriented Symbols

Indeed, it would be very strange to see a plate or a mattress on a sports logo image. Sports logos can have images of birds and animals whose character features reflect the speed, fortune, energy or even aggressiveness. So, eagles, tigers, bears will be good for active kinds of sports. Look through popular logo designs and you will see alligators, lions, elephants and sharks. Though penguins, ducks and dolphins appear very seldom, mostly they look very scary.

Uniqueness and attractiveness

A sports logo should have the elements that can represent the team. This can be a mascot of the team or the team initials. Some designers point out that many logos gain popularity just because of their simple but very recognizable design.

Attractiveness for admirers

A logo should attract not only existing admirers but also potential new fans. People need to identify themselves with the team and they will try to find something that they can connect with. This may be a T-shirt or a mug with the team logo, a scarf, a magnet for the fridge and so on. So, the logo can add a lot to an interior design, to a person's life.
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